Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Project Mania

I am all over the place.

I've started so many new projects. I'm not sure why. I get bored. I get frustrated. I meet opposition of some kind. I run out of materials. Whatever the reason- I am good at starting projects but not at finishing them.

But I am working on that. I want to finish the projects I have started before I start anymore. You heard it first. Please keep me accountable!

Here is how my cabinet doors are coming.

Primed but not painted.

I may or may not have started making a purse out of a thrifted leather jacket.
(oops, you just got a peak at some other thrifted finds!)

I may or may not have started doing this (which I may or may not be regretting already).
And I may or may not have only gotten this far and quit for the day. My fingers hurt.

"Well, now your back is gonna hurt, cuz you just pulled landscaping duty!"
(name that movie)

For now I am focusing on these three and not starting anything new. We shall see if I get at least one done tomorrow. Stay tuned!

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