Monday, March 10, 2014

Cabinet Doors Up

The cabinet doors have been primed and painted. Finally!

Sorry for the lack of posting last week. It was busy. I was preparing for a birthday party on Saturday. I wanted to get a lot of projects done. But I didn't. Instead I got a lot of deep cleaning done and all of my food prep for the party finished. That felt good. After that it was already late evening so I sat and relaxed instead of trying to do any projects.

Here is how the cabinet looked for the party.

 No one really noticed.
As you can see I brought another chair up from the basement. We were short a chair, what with it being halfway torn up still.. It's sister is still usable as you can see in the lower right hand corner of above photo.

Here is how the cabinet looks now. (I know, I know. I need the wood piece in the middle. Soon!)

I spray painted the hinges.

Next up is the jewelry of furniture- the hardware!
I bought hardware over a year ago knowing I would be using it on these cabinets. They were on clearance at Menards.
I can't wait to have handles for these drawers.

I was going to show you what this area looked like at our birthday party last year but I can't find any pictures. It was crazy around this time last year. We had a pathetic kitchen and projects up the wazoo. We weren't really settled into the house yet. I know I took some pictures. I wonder what happened to them.

Instead here is a shot of what it looked like originally.

When I feel like progress is slow, I like to look at pictures like this. It helps.

Tune in tomorrow!

*edited to say I did find a photo from around the time of last year's party.

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