Wednesday, April 2, 2014

April Fool's Folly

I love pulling pranks for April Fool's Day. I definitely take after my dad in that way. I remember one April Fool's Day him coming upstairs and waking me up in the morning telling me my dog was dead and frozen to the ground. I frantically started to go outside, only to see my dog move. I then realized what day it was. 

That may seem cruel to some but that is the sense of humor my dad has. He would also hide in dark corners and jump out and scare me or tell me not to let the boogey man get me if I was entering a dark room or going outside at night. I also love to scare people now. Anyone is fun but especially the boys, my dog and my college roommate. (Love you Charlie!)

So I started the day off with a few simple tricks- waking the boys up by telling them there was a foot more of snow on the ground, there was a huge snapping turtle by the pond, and later I told them their dog had run away. I was able to fool them right away in the morning, but they weren't believing anything I said after that. In fact, I was trying to tell them true things and they wouldn't even believe me!

So I saw a cute trick on Pinterest and decided to try it. You cut the letter E out of brown construction paper and tell them you made brownies. Here is how mine looked. 

Then I covered them with paper towels, set up my camera and told them to come get some brownies. 

Let's just say it was a huge fail. They were onto me. My oldest was yelling "April Fool's!" before any of the others even knew what was going on. They got distracted when they saw themselves on my phone which they noticed sitting in the corner. I'd post the video but I can't from my phone for some odd reason. To be silly they started chewing up the paper E's, which I recorded too. 

I didn't play tricks all day. I also packed for vacation, cleaned the house a little, and made delicious snacks for our long road trip ahead. (Real snacks)

Did anyone get tricked really good? Or maybe do the tricking?

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