Friday, February 22, 2013

Ten Updates

1. Tonight was a first for me- A Pioneer Woman Party. Some ladies from my church got together and each brought a dish from Pioneer Woman's website or cookbook. It was so fun and so very delicious!

This was excluding dessert.

2. We are headed up north for the weekend! Can't wait to see (almost all) my family!

3. We finished the trim in the hallway upstairs. It is not perfect. It still needs to be caulked. Now to do the rest of the house.

4. I ordered a part of our kitchen cabinets. I will give more details next week. I can't wait for them to get here!

5. My dogs are ready for spring. I gave them both haircuts. They look like they lost five pounds each.

6. I am going to re-read the book Eat To Live. I need to get back on track health-wise.

7. I completed all the laundry today. Not only did I wash it but I folded and put it away- a rarity. (Put away in the sense I put the clothes in the corresponding boys' rooms since we have no dressers moved in yet:)

8. We found and fixed the problem that was causing water to leak into our basement. Thanks Brian! Another easy and inexpensive solution. The shower wall needed to be re-caulked where it met the tub. It had been leaking there.

9. We still haven't done anything about our broken new-to-us fridge. It is still sitting in our kitchen unplugged and being used as a cupboard.

10. Our family is doing better. We have almost recovered from the plague that entered our home earlier this week. Thank you for the well wishes!

Have a great weekend!

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