Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Fireplace Fill-In

My made-over yellow console table is filling in until I can get my faux fireplace. It actually fills the space very nicely.

We have the TV in the place it will stay. I like the idea of it being off to the side instead of over my future fireplace.

The only problem is- it doesn't fit. I will be removing the bottom shelf of our built in so the TV will fit better.

(Yes I was watching Price is Right:)
Soon I will be getting (or making) doors to cover the bottom built in.

I already bought handles for the doors and the drawers on the other side.

They were on sale at Menards but I'm not 100 percent sure about them yet.

And I will be finding a way to redo the tops of the bottom cabinets.

They were a dark laminate and then my hubby went a little crazy with the paint sprayer. I'd like to totally remove the old or just cover with a new material. If we totally removed them, I've always wanted to try concrete counters. These are small enough that it seems more manageable.

We have other more pressing matters before that happens, though. Like- a working fridge, a kitchen sink, new exterior doors that actually keep the cold out.
Things like that must come first.

I love my house and love sharing it with all of you.
Thanks for looking!

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