Friday, February 1, 2013

Phone Camera Lens

I got a pretty sweet Christmas present this year.

It is a macro/wide angle lens that attaches right over the lens of your camera phone.

This is my normal camera lens.

And this is with the lens.

It helps you to get a wider angle and more of the room in the picture.

Regular camera lens

 With the macro/wide angle lens

You can also get really close to objects and get great detail.

But it does tend to distort faces a little.

My CoCo wasn't feeling very well yesterday.

Without the lens.

With the lens.

Sorry, my nails are grody from staining.

With the lens.

 Without the lens.

 It has a magnetic ring with 3M adhesive on one side. It sticks to your phone. Then the lens is magnetized to your phone. It comes with an extra adhesive ring. It also has a cover for the front and back with a string attached for keeping it hooked somewhere and safe from getting lost.

I love it!
I'm not sure where it was purchased, but you can find things like this at
Check it out!

Have a great (and snowy) weekend!!!

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