Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Floors are Finished

Putting on the poly was not fun.
We went with the oil-based satin finish. We had to buy a lot more cans than I thought. So I'm glad we went with the least expensive option.
It took longer to dry than we thought. Maybe because of the cold temps outside. I turned the heat up to help out the drying process.
It definitely isn't perfect. But the floors are protected, and that is what matters.
Towards the end of each coat Scott and I would be dying. All of a sudden our eyes would feel like we were chopping onions. They would sting and water so bad. We would come back to my in-laws with the smell radiating from us. My hair really soaked up the smell. Even after washing it would still stink.
So glad to be done.
We are supposed to wait three days before normal usage. I am going to try to get in sooner to paint some doors and clean up.
I would love to have the trim done before moving in but I'm not sure that will happen. Our goal is to spend our first night there Friday night.

Here are some pictures where the floors are still slightly tacky in spots.

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