Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Restore Score

My husband and I made a quick trip to Habitat for Humanity's Restore yesterday. We found a utility sink in decent condition for a great price.

Now I can have a temporary sink in my kitchen! (as soon as I get the tools and tubes needed to hook it up)

I already got an inexpensive faucet.

My husband found a pair of chairs. He thought they were soooo comfortable and told me to sit in them. They definitely aren't what I'm attracted to when looking for a chair, but they were nice. He told me how much he hated my orange pair of chairs that were currently in our front room. He said they were ugly and gross. So I caved.

What is nice is the chairs are slip-covered. $50 for the pair.
I washed the slip-covers as soon as we got home.

I am liking them more and more.

And they are definitely more comfortable!

It's a little more like home everyday.

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  1. And when you do get tired of them you have a pattern for a remake!!