Friday, February 15, 2013

My Terrible, Horrible, No Good Very Bad Day

Okay, so yesterday wasn't that bad. But it wasn't good.

It started off waking up in a 57 degree house. I thought it kept getting colder and colder during the night. Then I heard Scott flipping the breaker in the morning trying to get the furnace going.

He was leaving in the car as I was getting downstairs. I called him to see what was up. He said that when he went down in the basement to the flip the breaker he noticed water pouring out of the ceiling near the main floor bathroom as my oldest was taking a shower. A totally unrelated disaster.


One easy resolution came when I noticed our thermostat said 'Cool' instead of 'Heat'. I switched it over and the heater kicked on right away. No one in the house knows how that happened....uh huh.

Have you ever started your day chilled to the bone and wasn't able to recover. That was me. All. Day.
And I couldn't take a shower to warm up for fear it would set everything in the basement afloat.

We also discovered that our beautiful fridge, that took an army to get into the house, is not working. I hurriedly transferred all of its contents to the fridge in the garage. Thankfully we have a back up. It may be our own fault. We laid the fridge horizontal when transporting. That may have did it in. Right now it is serving as storage for dry goods. Not sure what to do from there.

We had one high point of our day. Charter was coming to hook up TV and Internet. They came at 11:10 am and left at 2:55 pm. We were fortunate enough to have a trainee doing his very first hook up. The hilarious part is that the house had been completely wired by the previous tenants. I'm afraid of how long it would have been if it hadn't. The main guy sat in the van in our driveway the whole time. To make matters worse, the trainee had to go outside to ask questions to the tech in the van every few minutes. This made it hard for our cold house to get caught up any time soon. We sat huddled in blankets. The main guy came in towards the end and hurried things up only when I told him I had to go pick up my son from school.

Not happy.

Charter also would not let me use my modem/router I had purchased for over $100 when in our previous house. They only allow Charter owned modems. So now I needed to purchase a router. Thankfully, my brother-in-law had one we could borrow.

Really not happy.

The whole day seemed to go like this. Happy Valentine's Day to me.
But today my house is warmer, and for that I am thankful.
Water is still leaking and fridge is still warm. But we are healthy and happy.

Lots to do this weekend!

Have a good one.

Cute pictures coming next week :)

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