Wednesday, January 23, 2013


I am keeping most of the lights that came with our house.
I love that they are a brushed or antiqued gold. I'm not really a big fan of silver. I don't think it fits my style. I also plan on bringing in some antique bronze. I think the two will mix together very well.

I have a spot for a light above where my kitchen sink will go. I wasn't able to put a recessed light there because a beam ran straight down down the middle. But my electrician (aka Brian) told me I could hang a pendant there and jimmy it so it looked centered.

That's what the wire is for sticking out of the ceiling towards the right side in this picture-

And here is the fixture I bought to go there-

Love it!

I really like this chandelier but I'm not crazy about the shades. I have bought two different shades from different stores only to have to return them. They were too big and didn't fit into the opening. You would think I would have learned after the first time and brought an old one with me to get the right size. But no. I might try some fabric shades that clamp onto the bulb next.

I really like this light too. It has an opal-like quality to the glass. But I'm not crazy about the location. For some reason they stuck this light in the corner. It is operated by the light switch as you enter from the mud room.

This ceiling fan is not too far from the pendant light. It. is. hideous.
I'm not a fan. I will replace this when the funds are available.

 I really like this fixture in the hallway.

But the light in the bathroom needs to be replaced. It's a little too retro to be cool.

Pretty much all the fixtures upstairs need to be replaced. There is overhead light fixtures in only two of the four bedrooms. The other two have a switch that operates an outlet.

The handles all look like this and I want to try to keep them or at least something similar-

I think they will look much better with black doors! :)

Thanks for looking!