Friday, January 4, 2013

Drywall Up!

Our ceiling is dressed. It is no longer naked.
How exciting. It is looking better everday.

A huge thanks to my husband and his dad for all the hard work on the drywall! (And Carol)
It is not fun. And I hope to never do it again.

Decision #1- What do we do with the gaping hole into the living room?
- keep it open and remove the pocket door, trim out a new opening
- keep the door and put up drywall

We chose to keep the door and put up drywall. It would have been nice to have it more open, but I have a fun idea for the pocket door down the road. And this was easier.

Decision #2- Do we want to keep the venting for the hood and reroute it to go higher since it was directed through the previously lower ceiling or just get rid of it.

We are keeping it. I have big plans to build a nice, pretty hood cover. Plus it's nice to have when you're cooking. It proved to be a little difficult. We could not put it closer to the wall because there was duct work there.

You can see from the picture above it comes out right above my dad-in-law's head. We moved it higher easily enough but we couldn't run it in the space closest to the wall. You will see from the finished pictures, it comes out of the ceiling from an obscure place. Hopefully I will be able to hide it with the hood cover.

Back to drywall-

In the upper left corner we had some problems putting all the electrical that was hanging down up into the ceiling. That is what that black spot is. Hopefully it will be covered by cabinets.

So pretty! And from this angle you can't tell just how far the vent comes out from the wall, so it looks better than it does in person. But I am one happy camper. Now to sand and do more layers of mud to make it look halfway decent!

The boys keep themselves entertained by having nerf gun wars. In the way a little....I'd tell them to go play in the basement if it wasn't crammed full of all our stuff!

Painting is done in every room except for the kitchen. I will show you those pictures on Monday.
Have a great weekend!

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