Monday, January 14, 2013

Ladies, Join Us

I apologize for putting off house details again.

But I have to put in a plug here.

My church is putting on a women's conference January 25 & 26. You can buy tickets until January 20. So if you want to go, you'd better decide soon!

A great speaker. Breakout Sessions. Snacks, coffee and lunch.

It will be a great weekend. Come and join us.

You can get tickets here.

Today I have taken the day off from renovating and did some relaxing.

The truth is I have also been doing a little researching and planning. I am doing one of the breakout sessions at the conference and need to prepare.

The segment I am doing is called 'Trash to Treasure'. I am going to talk about a few projects I have done and a few new ones also.

For those attending, or even not, what would you like to see? Should I perform some steps of an actual project during the hour or just talk about past ones and the steps to achieve the same look?

Any thoughts?

I am excited..... but my armpits start sweating whenever I think about doing it!


  1. oooh! Wish I could be there! i would be your biggest groupie/fan! :) You'll do a great job. From my experience (with my stupid desk), make sure you recommend a hand-sander for any refinishing project. I sanded this dumb thing, but not enough. Now I can't get my primer/paint-in-one to stick. I don't think I'm applying too thick. Frustrating. Back to the drawing board in the spring.

  2. You're gonna be awesome. NO need to buy deoderant. xo