Thursday, January 17, 2013

Detail Work

We are currently getting the floors ready to sand. But first we have some detail things to do.

- We need to go around filling the starter nail holes and empty knots or gashes

The goof off wipes aren't necessarily going to be used before we sand, but definitely before we move in. I was so excited to find them. We got some over spray of paint on things like hardware and windows, so these will be a great help.

- We are putting decorative nails in the flooring to give it more of an 'aged' look

They are masonry nails. They will create a look but they will also give extra holding power because we will be driving them into the floor joists that are running perpendicular to our boards. We aren't doing them on every floor joist which run every 16 inches. I have a feeling they won't be easy to put in. We're drilling a hole first that is the size of the bottom of the shaft. That should help some.

I am also going to be painting all the interior doors black. I'm not sure if this would be better to do before we stain and seal or after. The color is called Lincoln Cottage Black.

I am so anxious to see it all put together! We have lots of cleaning to do too. But I am waiting to start until after we sand. I have a feeling that will create a huge mess!

Thanks for looking!

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