Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Let the Wood Begin :)

We are starting to lay down the wood floors. We have 8 inch red pine wood planks. They are tong and groove. We are using 1/16th inch spacers to give it an 'old' look. We rented a pneumatic stapler to staple into the tong.
I am loving it so far!

In these pictures the boards are just laid down to get the spacing. Jasper is helping a ton!

Here they are stapled in place.

This was the setup we had for cutting the boards. It was one cramped hallway! None of the ends of the eight foot pieces were square. So we had to cut EACH END. Time consuming. Needless to say, there is some touch-up paint jobs that will need to be done. It's hard to handle that long of boards in that tight of space without bumping some walls or trim. :/

It is taking a lot more time than we factored to get it done. But that seems to be true about everything with this house.

Now to decide how to finish them!
Any favorite stain color?
Or should we leave them natural and seal them only?
I'm doing some test pieces soon that I will share.

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