Wednesday, January 2, 2013

And There Was Light

Our kitchen had an ugly fluorescent light when we first moved in. It came out along with the dropped ceiling. We had a complete demo in there. It got even more ugly than it already was. But now we have taken a step toward becoming pretty.
Just to remind you-

And uglier yet-

But my brother-in-law is helping me with that. I want recessed lights in my kitchen. What better time to install them than when the whole ceiling is opened up?! Brian knows what he is doing when it comes to electrical stuff. He was nice enough to come over and put some lights in for us! Thanks Brian! (And Kristen)!

The only problem was this dumb heating duct. It was right in the way of installing my light! I was just going to change the layout but Brian insisted we could get around it. Literally! So he replaced some of the duct work with flexible tubing. That way we could fit the lights in beside them. Yay!

We had four recessed lights put in. It's nice and bright!

Sorry, I didn't take a completed picture with the lights working. I forgot because I was so excited with the outcome. It's awesome to have a working light in the kitchen again!

Getting a little closer everday!

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