Friday, December 14, 2012

Odds & Ends

We've removed tack strips from every room except the kitchen and bathrooms. Our floors are almost cleared. All except the linoleum in the kitchen and the hundreds of staples everywhere.

We started taking the ceiling down in the kitchen and are pretty sure we will be able to make it the same height as the dining room! It's not structural.

As you can see we also took out the old wall oven.
What a mess!

My husband was pulling it down around the fluorescent light which was built into the ceiling. This long piece by my foot dropped on his head! OUCH!!!

My oldest had his first band concert. It was so fun to see. I've heard him practicing and he has improved lots. But it's pretty neat to hear it with all the other instruments.

The sunrise was beautiful the other morning. The sky was pink.

We have two Christmas parties to go to this weekend. So I can't imagine we will get very much done. But here's to hoping!

Have a great weekend!

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