Thursday, December 13, 2012

Kitchen Progress

We have achieved some progress but we are far from being able to start painting.

The upper cabinets and peninsula are gone. It was difficult but looks so much better. There is other cabinets coming out also. We moved the old fridge into the garage. The old spot for the fridge was too small for our new fridge. So the cabinets next to the fridge have to come out. Boo hoo. They are nice drawers and the storage would be great. :/

Here are some pictures of our progress thus far.

That is the old dishwasher sitting out in the middle of the floor. The space in the cabinet is where the new dishwasher will go.

We also have to tear up the old linoleum floor which is going to be difficult. I'm sure it is glued down.

This piece is going to make room for our fridge. The upper part is already gone.
I definitely want to keep the pantry cupboard on the right. Lots of good storage!

Also- the ceiling is going to be investigated to see if we can make it the same height as the adjoining dining room.
That would be wonderful!

Thanks for looking!

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