Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Cabinet Problems

These kitchen cabinets are original to our 1970 built home.
They are custom-made and built into place.

Here's the problem.
We wanted to take out the low ceiling and move around the configuration of the kitchen a little. That is not possible when your cabinets are built into place. We couldn't take the ceiling out without getting the taller cabinets out of the way. And we couldn't just detach them and move them. They were put in place piece by piece and had to be removed that way. And they don't come apart in nice clean pieces.

So they were scrapped once we started the process. I guess maybe Scott taking out the pantry was for the better anyways. It was coming out no matter what. What was left was only a few of the original cabinets..... we decided to wipe them all out and start new.

We are laying wood floors and it makes sense to lay them down and put the cabinets on top of them. This means we will be moving into our house without a kitchen, at first. We will build our cabinets as we can and put our kitchen together piece by piece.
We couldn't take out our sink cabinet yet because the sink pipes don't have a shut off valve and we would have to shut off the water supply to the whole house to remove it. But eventually it is going away also.

As you can see from the photo we got the ceiling removed too. It was a lot of hard work. It's plaster so it also had wire mesh mixed in along the edges and corners. Fun stuff to remove!

The only problem we encountered was the hood vent. It comes below the level of the future ceiling. But it might be able to be fixed. We had already removed the bottom portion of the vent in this picture but you can see the rest in the very corner of the room. JJ is helping to remove nails out of the floor. He is a big helper!

So we have a LOT to do in the kitchen. But now we are not in a big hurry to do it. It isn't holding up the laying of our new floor. Other things are doing that. Like- PAINTING.

But the painting has started and will be featured soon!

On the list-
Get all staples removed from floors downstairs
Repair all holes in trim and walls
Get lighting and vent in kitchen ceiling done
Put up drywall in kitchen
Prime walls and trim
Paint everything
Lay flooring
Stain and seal floors
Move in

Something like that.

Thanks for looking!

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