Thursday, December 20, 2012

Christmas Celebrations

We had a very long and busy weekend. But so much fun!

We had two different Christmas parties. One with my hubby's family and then one with his dad's side of the family. This is the reason we didn't get too much farther on our house projects.

Here are some pictures from the DeWitt Christmas.

And then some from the extended DeWitt party.

Scott's cousin brought the little gingerbread houses for the kids to decorate. They were kits that came with a candy Snoopy. My boys loved it. They were engrossed as you can tell from the photos. Some of the adults really got into it too! (me included) :)
What a great idea!

Overall the weekend was a huge success. Lots of great memories made with those we hold so dear!
I love this time of the year.

Oops. That rhymed but I didn't plan it that way. I'm not THAT corny!

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