Thursday, December 27, 2012

I Smell Pine!

That's right. We have received a delivery.

Wood floors!

We found our flooring guy on We decided not to go with Lumber Liquidators. I kept reading their reviews about how a lot of the flooring was waste and very short pieces.

These are not short pieces. They are 7-9 foot pieces. And it looks so beautiful.

If you search for red pine on ebay, you will find him.

We got our flooring for $1.89/sq ft. And it is good, quality stuff. It turns out we knew our flooring guy. He used to be the boss of my brother-in-law in Detroit! What a small world!

He gets this flooring from some nearby Amish. It is all milled and dried in a kiln by them. He is their middle man that gets business for them.

It is so exciting to walk into the house and smell that beautiful pine smell. Lately it has been mixed with paint fumes but I will talk more about that tomorrow.

I just want to hurry and get the floors down!
Now to decide on the finish......

I've been reading so much about different ways to finish pine floors I feel like my brain is going to burst.

Let me know if you have any opinions or knowledge on the subject!

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