Thursday, February 20, 2014

Living Room Progress- Cabinet Doors

I found some cabinet doors for our living room. I have been visiting our ReStore on a regular basis hoping something would come up. The only problem was I knew how tall I needed the doors to be, but not really how wide. I bought the doors that I thought looked closest to fitting. I figured it wasn't a huge deal if not since they were just over $4 each.

This is what they looked like.

Then I removed the poorly spray-painted hardware and attached them to my cabinet even though I knew they weren't wide enough.

My husband questioned my sanity. "Why did you attach them when they don't fit?"

I told him I was going to make them fit, somehow.

They were just too perfect other than ....ya know...not fitting.

And this one is a little scuffed up on the edge but you will barely be able to notice when everything is done.

So my plan is- fill the old hardware holes
                    - clean and sand the doors
                    - prime and paint them white
                    - spray paint the hinges
                    - put new knobs on them
                    - remove skinny board in the middle of the cabinet and replace with a wider one- paint white

That should have the cabinet looking much better.

The only problem I didn't foresee- How do I use the DVD remote when the DVD player is in the cabinet covered by a wooden door? I may be making alterations to the door down the road to solve this dilemma.

As for the rest of the room-

I sold the yellow desk and blue upholstered chairs on They brought a decent amount and I will be putting the money back into the room to find proper replacements for the things I sold. Now the room is looking pretty sparse.

I need to start a list of the things that need to be done before the room is completed. There's a lot!

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