Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Great Weekend

We went up North for the weekend. 

My nephews had a birthday party. 

We spent the first night at my dad's house. Here is JJ patiently waiting for me to wake in the morning because he was excited to go downstairs. 

Scott and Ethan were coming later so me and the younger three got to ride with my dad up to the party on Saturday. 

Evidently they were very tired!

I didn't take any pictures at the party but we had a great time. After, we checked into our room at the Little River Casino & Hotel. 

Scott and E met up with us there. We had time to kill before dinner so we made a quick (kind of) trip to Goodwill. I always find good stuff at this location. And Saturday was no exception. 

Nike sweatshirt
Bullhead (?) jeans and H&M sweater
Gap T-shirt
And these Balance yoga pants. 
The purple shirt I got at Salvation Army earlier in the week. 
This sweater vest from the Loft and striped shirt from the Loft I got from Paradise Bound in Zeeland before I left on Friday. Love them both!

Tomorrow I'll share with you what else I got at Paradise Bound and what I got at Holland's Goodwill.  It's for the living room!

After shopping we returned to the hotel and met up with everyone at the buffet restaurant located in the hotel. They have the absolute best food. 

My three oldest boys' plates looked like this. 

They love crab!

Then we went swimming with very full bellies. 

It is definitely one of our favorite weekends every year!

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