Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Couch Be Gone

Well, actually....the old couch is still here. But it's in the garage instead of the house.

We've secretly been couch shopping on the weekend and an occasional weeknight.

I found a lot of maybes. It had to have the right look but also pass the seat check test. It also had to be under $600. I found some great ones but the price was double what I wanted to spend. I found some beautiful couches, but the comfort factor was just not there. I'd even find a good one that met all three but the color was off white or a tan color. That wouldn't last in our house.

The couch we had was very, very low profile. It was bought from someone we knew at their garage sale. I paid $1.50 for it. It folds down into a bed. It was great but not very comfy to sit on for long. You could feel the springs pretty easily.

I have it listed on Craig's List right now.

We have had our new couch for a full 24 hours and I love it.

The only problem is this- The couch we brought home seems to sit much higher than the show room couch we sat on in the store. Scott's feet don't touch the floor when he sits all the way back. We hope that as the cushions get worn in some, this will change. Otherwise we will be buying different couch legs that are shorter. Plus, our other couch sat so very low that this couch feels like it is for giants.

I love the fabric. It looks grey but it has a mixture of other colors in it. It is almost a tweed-like fabric.

See for yourself-

 Don't mind our chair full of laundry off to the side.

Isn't is nice? (The couch not the laundry)

Nice. Except for the awful pillows. My style is so polar opposite modern. Geometric shapes is very modern looking. I detest the pillows. But I have plans to recover them.

I'd rather have pillows like these-

But that is a little too dark.

I really like the velvet.

I want to bring in some of the brown. I'm attracted to things with a white background because the couch is so dark.

I like this a lot, but with a different scene. I don't really want a pillow with Poseidon on it.

I love how the arms slope down. The angle makes it hard to see in this picture.

I wouldn't mind getting different legs anyway, because these look very modern.
My rug needs another de-fuzzing. Oye.

And did you notice I hung my art?

That vent is driving me crazy.

I didn't really want to hang the picture up any higher. Is it bad to cover air return vents?

Well, I did. A little bit, anyways.

I put the gold hanger thing right in the vent.

It's covered and looks better. But I'm still not sure.

Is it too high? What do you suggest?

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