Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Skiing Today

We had an uneventful weekend mostly. E had a basketball game. The two middles had baseball practice (yes it begins this early). 

I got some things done but relaxed a lot too. 

I made up for it today. A friend asked me to join her for a homeschool field trip to Cannonsburg. For such a great price I could not say no. My oldest is great at snowboarding but for some reason the younger three haven't been exposed to it. For five dollars each they could get a ski lesson from an instructor. 

It was a huge help. My youngest had a hard time grasping the concept of how to slow down. My second youngest did great but had so much trouble with the tow rope. An extra set of hands would have been helpful which is why I'm really hoping Scott can go next time. 

We had fun and are excited to try it again. It was cold but sunny. We were bundled up and stayed pretty warm. But my phone didn't. Every time I tried to take pictures it shut off because it was so cold!

A friend took this one of the boys getting their ski lesson while I helped my youngest try to keep up. 

Now off to bed. I can't even keep my eyes open. Skiing wiped me out!

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