Tuesday, January 7, 2014


I'm not super regimented about New Year's resolutions.

But I do like to sit down and think about things I'd like to change or improve on in the coming year and things I'd like to accomplish.

I want to be better about doing family devotions. For awhile we had them at 9pm every night. I'd rather switch from that to doing them at supper time. Everyone is sitting down in one place and eating together. I think we will be more likely to do them and more likely to eat supper together.

I want to be more productive in the morning. I am a night person. I finally get going around 4pm and get lots done but my mornings are slow. I don't feel like doing anything or going anywhere. I want to change that. I'd like to get up at 6am and get a workout in, get my kids off to school, and then sit down to do some quiet, alone time. This is going to be a hard one for me. Especially because I have a one child at home with me still, I homeschool another one most mornings, and I hate going to bed before 11pm.

I want to be more disciplined with working out and eating healthier. I've really let myself slide a long ways from my vegan days. I also want to make more healthy suppers for my family. I want to start running again- but first I need to get my treadmill belt fixed! I also want to mix in strength training and a little yoga.

I also want to get more done around the house. Our house is so unfinished it's ridiculous. And I feel more than overwhelmed when I think about it. So, my plan is to start with one room at a time. I want to finish all the little details like paint touch-ups, baseboards, and adding hardware. I want to make it pretty by adding window treatments, wall art, and better furniture. I'm working with a limited budget- so I will have to do things slowly and within our means. Some things (like an ugly, uncomfortable couch) we will have to live with until we can do something different.

Hopefully this means better blog posts for you guys, which is another resolution.

I also want to try my hand at some re-upholstery projects, practice my guitar more, and maybe open an Etsy shop.

Our house is a disaster after all the Christmas busyness and new presents laying around. But we at least got our tree down and out the back door. It's a pine tree graveyard in our backyard. Ha!

I think this is the room I may start with first. It needs a lot of work and I have big plans for it.

I guess it's back to reality tomorrow. I love snow days. I strongly dislike school days.

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