Saturday, January 25, 2014

Flooring Posing as Desktops

If you remember, I ripped out the old, painted laminate desktops.
(old pictures)

Those pictures came from when we were installing our pine plank flooring. We have a lot of that flooring left over. That is what I am using to resurface our desktops.
You can see it a little in this project....
And when I did my colorful calendar.

Here is what it looked like before I applied the trim along the front.

I didn't remove the old plywood. Instead I just applied the pine boards over the top. This made it a thicker layer than it was before. A 1x2 wouldn't cover everything, so I used a 1x3. It looks pretty wide compared to what used to be there.

I filled all of the holes from the screws with stainable wood filler and let it dry. I then sanded it all down.

I put on one coat of Minwax Early American, same as the floors, and then did one coat of Minwax Dark Walnut. I love how they turned out.

I put on two coats of Poly. I probably should have waited for that step. I discovered the spots where I used the wood filler turned out strange.

You can see it clearly in this picture I took to show you our annoying cable cord.

What is more annoying is the marks on the front of that board!

I'm still debating what to do about it.

I also had some paint touch-ups to do before I moved the TV back in place. The marks are left from the shelf that I removed.

Here's how it looks. I have holes to drill and wires to move before I am finished.
Grrrrr. Those marks are laughing at me. Something must be done.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Hey Angie,
    I had terrible luck with sandable, stainable wood filler as well. Lucky for me I started with it in a corner of my closet:-) Bummer for you though. But your desktops look great!! I had better luck with a pre-colored wood filler already matching my stain, then only put enough in the hole to cover it smooth, then wiped the rest away with a clean wet rag. What a pain!
    Have fun!
    Ellen Slotman

  2. Thanks Ellen! I think my problem may have been over-sanding. I can see that inside the hole, the wood filler stained to match. But I may have sanded too much around the hole and revealed a newer layer of wood that stained differently. :(
    It was a good learning experience, I guess. Just not a convenient spot to learn it!