Tuesday, January 14, 2014

My Living Room

The first room I am trying to conquer is our living room.

I just googled "difference between living room and family room". There was a lot of debate on the subject. The general consensus was that a living room tends to be a little more formal than a family room. It would be the room without a TV. I don't really have any formal spaces in our house. And both rooms have a TV. But I would consider this room to be our living room.

This room is what you enter from the entry room, so it is sometimes a dumping ground. Although, so is our entry way come to think of it. But it does get messy fast. As you can see from this picture.

I want to make more sense of the cabinets. They used to have doors on them but I removed them when painting and never put them back up. I want to leave them off the top but I need to find some for the bottom cabinet. I also want a faux fireplace where the yellow table is. (yellow table will be going up for sale very shortly). There was a hugely disgusting faux fireplace there when we moved in but we tore it out. Here are some reminder shots.

And then this-

And then this-
I want to find a way to connect the top and bottom cabinets. I think that will help it to feel more like a piece of furniture and less like some weird kitchen cabinets in a living space.

I also want to clean up all of the wires by drilling a hole and hiding them in the cabinet under the TV, along with the DVD player and Wii system.

I want to change the cabinet tops from the awful painted laminate to something else. I'm not sure what yet. I already started demo.

This is what it looks like now. The laminate was not easy to come off.

I also need curtains (I think I found some at Tuesday Morning!), artwork and accessories.

I'm also on the lookout for a new couch and a small dresser/set of drawers. I'm moving the shelves in the corner into the basement. That is where I would put the dresser.

I found this couch on Craigslist for $120. I haven't contacted them yet. What is your opinion? It was listed stating "great condition and re-upholstered". HA! It could be a fun project. I absolutely love the shape. I want something old but not stuffy. Pretty but still fun. It seems like this fits the bill, but I'm still not sure.

I want to get rid of our ugly fan and replace it with a white one that blends in more with the ceiling. That fan has come in handy during summer months.

We have trim to finish and paint touch-ups around the windows to do. I also need to figure how to fill those open shelves a little better.

Well, that's probably not it but it's all I can think of right now. When working with a budget I don't know if I'll get everything on my wishlist, but I sure am hoping.

Do you have any indoor projects planned for these winter slumber months?

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