Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Colorful Calendar

I didn't take a picture of the white board calendar we were using before. I bought it at the beginning of the school year. It was functional but not very pretty. I also really wanted to have space for two months so I can plan things out better.

In the basement I found a photo frame that was from our previous house.
It is the largest one from the collection on the right.

I had a crazy idea that I wasn't sure would work. I wanted to use paint chip samples to make a fun-looking calendar.

I grabbed paint chips with colors that I really gravitated too. I also wanted it to look cohesive.

I had to trim them down to fit in as many as I needed.

Then I glued them to some thick drawing paper and set books on top while they dried.

I also used pretty tape to mark the top of each month. Stamped letters show the days of the week.

I put it in the frame and taped it against the glass. The frame is deep so the tape helps to keep the calendar close to the glass.

I used the dry erase markers on the glass to fill in the days.

And here it is in place. Don't mind the mess above it.

 I really dislike that fluorescent light.

But I love my new calendar! I have to learn to write smaller, I think.

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