Monday, November 25, 2013

Eye Opening

This is a Christmas present I received last year. I blogged about it here.
I was having a lot of fun with it recently. I'm not sure I realized before now that the top half of the lens screws off. What is left is actually the macro lens. With the top half attached it is the wide angle lens.
Here is my phone camera regularly.

And here is the same shot with the wide angle lens attached to my phone camera.

But this is what has been the most fun. I took close ups of each family member's eye.

The detail is amazing. It was really hard to get a picture focused on the eye and not the eyelashes.
I took a picture of my ring but accidently deleted it. I'm sure I will be playing with this lens a lot more in the future!

What eye belongs to who? Take a guess. Each belongs to a member of my family. Scott, Ethan, Cole, Noah, Jayce and I.

Here's a clue- I wish I had lashes like my boys'!

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