Wednesday, November 6, 2013

What I'm Reading Right Now

This is the huge stack of what I am currently reading. I know, I know. I go a little overboard. 

I'm actually already done with All Things New by Lynn Austin. I can't say enough good things about her. So good. A Christian author that writes historical novels. I will dearly miss my friends on White Oak Plantation. (I get too wrapped up in my books!). 

I found out about $100 Startup through a blog I read. It has me so inspired and I have been slowly soaking up everything in it. 

The Design Aglow posing guide is definitely good eye candy and contains great tips for any photographer. 

I've glanced at The Handmade Marketplace and Handmade To Sell and am impressed with what I see. I can't wait to go deeper. 

I haven't even opened Room Recipes yet but am excited to check it out. 

The bottom book is Your Body The Science of Keeping it Healthy. My list wouldn't be complete without some kind of Health book!

And I will leave you with a pretty picture I took looking out the window to my backyard. I titled it- The Last Time I Saw the Sun

I guess it hasn't been that long but it feels like it. 

Read any good books lately?

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