Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Birthday Frostys

Scott and I really debated about that title. Should I drop the y and add ies? Normally yes. But do you when it's a proper name? Someone help me out here. 

Today is boy #2's birthday. He wanted to go to Wendy's for supper so we did. He loves their spicy chicken nuggets. And of course a Frosty too. 

We also went to the art fair at Royal Park Place in Zeeland. Birthday boy's artwork was one of two that was chosen from his class. It was done last year. I'm one proud mama. 

There was so many great artists' work on display. It was so fun to see. 
I don't miss much about school but I do miss art class. 

This is how birthday boy spends much of his time lately. 

He is very intense about everything he says and does. He has a different way of thinking than I do and I love to see things from his perspective. 

I love that boy. Happy Birthday CoCo!


  1. There is a Frosty themed page on the Wendy's website page that says "Wendy's family of Frostys is made from fresh Grade A milk and rich cream for a real delicious treat that's hard to beat."
    You have to be a nerd to find it, because it's in the code underneath the page.

    1. So glad you found that and put it to rest! Thanks Dave :)