Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Pentwater Garage Sales

Like I said yesterday, we happened upon a town wide garage sale when we were up north.
Could we love Pentwater any more? Why, yes, we could.

Now I admit. I'm kind of a house stalker. If you leave your curtains open at night you can be sure I will be looking. Not at you. But at your house.

Garage sales are just another way I can see lots of houses up close(r). And in Pentwater there is plenty of houses I would love to see better.

So, some of the garage sales I got out to look at didn't look that spectacular from the road. But the house looked amazing and I just wanted a better look.

I did actually buy some things too. There were plenty of things I wanted but didn't get. This cabinet was one thing I wanted so badly but didn't get.

Bad picture, sorry. The homeowner was telling me the history of this piece. It was ordered from the Sears Roebuck catalog and came shipped in a flat box. It cost $3.50 at the time. It was hinged in a way that you unfolded it and slid in the glass panels and that was it. It was marked at $160. Too much for me. Very sad.

What I did get were these lamps.

I know, I know. I just bought lamps. But these look like they could be awesome with a little work. They were marked at $1 each. But she gave them to me for $1 total without me even asking. What do I have to lose?!

At another garage sale we saw some older beach chairs and pulled over solely for them. The boys sat in them to try them out. The guy told them it was their lucky day because they could have them for free!

They are okay the way they are but the fabric is starting to come off on one. I think I can easily fix it or give them a makeover with new fabric.

The last thing we got was a sporty sweater for my oldest. He liked the bright yellow color. $.50.

Total spent - $1.50

It was fun. On the way home we came across a pop-up camper for sale. It was a great deal and so very tempting. Especially because the mice at my dad's house have probably shredded ours completely. But just not a good time for us right now. I had to remind myself that other good deals will come along when the time is right.

I love garage sales. And Pentwater.

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