Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Great Teachers

We have been blessed with awesome teachers in our short experience in public schools.

My oldest started in public schools for the first time last year. He had the perfect first teacher.

It was no different for my second child this year. He had an awesome first teacher. Sadly, none of my other boys will ever get him. He is retiring after this year.

We threw a surprise retirement party for him. It was a lot of fun. Here are some pictures from it.

Thank you Mr. Louis for being such a great teacher! Enjoy your retirement!

School is officially done. I could not be happier. All alarms have been officially turned off on my phone (except Sunday morning).

Let the summer begin!

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  1. Mr. LOUIS!! He was always the most sought-after teacher when I was in grade school!! Everyone loved him, what a great guy! His dad, Mr. Ken, was the organist at FBC-Zeeland, and everyone loved him too! Thanks for the walk down memory lane:-)