Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Book Stack

I tend to go overboard at the library when summer arrives. I have visions of all this free time where I get lots of reading done.

It's a little unrealistic but that doesn't stop me from loading up my arms with lots of goodies.

I do have more free time during the day right now. But we are still just as busy in the evenings. That should slow down after baseball ends next week. It will only end the weekday games because we will have quite a few weekend tournaments still to come. Grrrrr.

Anyhow, so here is my stack I've got going on. I like a mix of different genres, as you can tell.

I like to have books that I can just skim to gain a little more knowledge or just for some eye candy. And then some that I really dive into and study. There, of course, has to be a good fiction novel. I am loving Lynn Austin right now.

What about you? Have big reading aspirations for the summer? What are you reading or have read that you love?

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