Monday, June 24, 2013

Baseball Busyness

We had a very long weekend- but an exciting one.

It was absolutely full of baseball. We had our second tournament in a row. This one was only in Muskegon- so not too far.

My oldest is on the 12U team and my second and third boys are on the 9U team (which is coached by my husband).

This is the first year for our 9U team and they are a little inexperienced. We haven't won a game yet. That is, until this weekend. It was our last game on Sunday morning. We already knew we wouldn't go any farther in the tournament- win or lose. It was one exciting game. It came down to two outs and the tying run for the other team was on third base. We had a nerve-wracking play but made the out and won by one. It was awesome.

After this game we went to watch the 12U play in their championship game. They had an awesome morning game earlier in the day. They were down 2-9 at one time but came back to win it in the end. It was pretty amazing.

The 12U ended up winning the championship game and took first place. It was awesome.  My dad, brother and his girlfriend even came to watch.

I got some action shots of my oldest pitching to end the game.

And here they are collecting their medals.

We were right on Mona Lake so the team took a dip after it was all done. The weather was perfect for it. The lake temperature must have been in the 70s. It felt so warm it made me wish I had my suit.

So today I stayed home and didn't do much of anything. Mostly relaxed and tried to recoup from the weekend.

What did you do this past weekend?

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