Friday, June 7, 2013

Garage Sale Find

This is my first garage sale purchase of the season!

I've actually been avoiding them. I'm waiting for my birthday money so I can actually do more than just looking since our budget is so tight lately.

But I couldn't pass on this.

I picked up my son from practice on Saturday and saw some signs. I couldn't resist driving by a few. Then one caught my eye. It had some good stuff with good prices.

I found this beauty.

It has some damage to the top but otherwise in great condition.

And such a great price- $20!!!! I didn't even ask for lower because it was so good. It has the dovetailed drawers and everything. Absolutely beautiful. I didn't even notice until righting up this post that the drawers are out of order. Easy fix.

I'm not sure what I may do to it. For now, we just need the storage. So we are utilizing it until inspiration strikes. Noah is sooo happy to finally have a dresser.

I hate to think of all the great deals I'm missing out on by not hitting more garage sales. :/

Anyone else find any great deals lately?

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