Wednesday, May 15, 2013


1. I made spaghetti last night and it was glorious. That sounds kind of silly but when you haven't been able to make it for a few months you really miss it. So simple but so wonderful. I love my cooktop.

2. Cousins and brothers are a great thing. They're built-in friends.

3. I want to get my craft/school room set up very soon. I'm more excited for crafts than for school (to be perfectly honest). I'd like to do some artwork like these pieces I saw downtown Holland.

4. I have lots of exciting pictures to work on. I can't wait to share them with you guys!

5. I went out in my backyard to scope out a good spot for my garden. I found asparagus growing!!

6. I stopped in at Goodwill for a whopping five minutes. But I found this table and kind of liked the idea of turning it into a kitchen island. I'd love to be able to have the option to make it wider while working but then back down when not in use. It would need more substantial legs and to sit higher. What do you think? For $30?

7. I am missing my family's farm so bad right now. Everything is in bloom and so pretty. My brother is posting some beautiful pictures that make me want to drop everything and head up there ASAP!

8. Garage/Estate sale season is in full swing! There is so many going on this weekend. I wish I had more time and money to devote to them!

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