Thursday, May 23, 2013

Bring On The Weekend

1. This weather is crazy. Air and heat running in the same week!

2. I love Memorial Weekend. It signals the start of summer. Eight more days!

3. I have 26 mosquito bites. JJ has 49. Not really but it feels like it. He made me take a picture of one.

4. Yum. I'm trying to eat more vegetables. The boys weren't too crazy about it. I added Quinoa.

5. I was able to pick some more asparagus. Even after mowing over the area where it's growing. I should get even more before mowing again.

6. We are heading to our first (of many) baseball tournaments this weekend instead of going to my dad's house like we used to every year before travel baseball. This is me trying to have a good attitude. Trying.

7. I started an exercise program and every muscle in my body hurts. Which makes me question why in the world I am doing it. Haven't come up with a great answer yet.

8. This is what I want my backyard to look like one day.

9. For those interested in house updates I apologize for the lack of house updates. There has been no updating going on. But lots of projects planned for the summer!

10. Everyone have a great holiday weekend!

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