Friday, May 10, 2013

I Have Gas

You read that right. I have gas. I finally have gas. It is now hooked up to my cooktop!

Look at that blue flame! It is so amazing to have a working cooktop.

I didn't think it was going to happen anytime soon. My dad-in-law converted their electric stove to a gas one in his house. So I thought maybe he could do it for us too. Then tragedy came in the form of a stroke and I knew he wouldn't be helping us with our house any time soon.

That is when our new neighbors stepped in. Did I mention I love my new neighbors? Well I do. We had some pretty great neighbors in our last house ;) So I thought they wouldn't be able to compare. But they come pretty close.

They came and took a look at what we had done to the house. They had been inside before because they bought this house from the original owners and then decided to build a new house right next door and sell this one.

They saw the state of our kitchen and took pity on us. They knew someone that could run a gas line for us at a price we could afford. He set it all up and it was finished in a couple of hours yesterday.

We also needed some electrical things changed for the cooktop. He came over and set it up himself. I was so very grateful. He says he is happy to do it to keep busy since he is retired. They are such a sweet couple. All the neighbors we have met so far are very nice.

I love our house.

We screwed these cabinets into the wall in preparation for the new gas line. It looks so nice and can't wait to get the rest done.

Now I can finally break open my Christmas present and actually get to use them!

(You like the soggy box from our basement flooding debacle)

I got these from on a great deal.

They're so shiny and pretty!

Now on to the oven so I can bake some cookies as a thank you!

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