Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Estate Sales Galore

It is the season for Estate and Garage Sales. This week is starting off with a bang!

Here are the Estate Sales in this area and what I love/want from each.

A sale in Muskegon today and tomorrow-

I want these outdoor chairs
 Love this dresser (that is stored in the garage!). And the frame hanging above it.
 I want these old crates!

This Spring Lake sale that runs Wednesday and Thursday-

Love this drum table.
 I want all of these items!

 Antique hardware makes my head spin with ideas!

Then there is this sale in Grand Rapids that runs Thursday, Friday and Saturday-

Love this cedar chest.
 Lots of old boxes and crates have caught my eye recently.
 I want an antique pie safe.

There is another sale in Wyoming on just Friday and Saturday-

I'm really only interested in the photography related items.

This last one is not in this area but a town called Watervliet and runs Thursday, Friday and Saturday-

I'm kind of interested in this kitchen island. I think I could make it cute. They also had listed, but not pictured, an electric dog fence. I'm thinking we may need one of those.

There is an amazing looking one in Rockwood, MI. I didn't list it because it is about 150 miles away. But it sure looks great.

What do you think? There is some good ones, right?

If anyone goes to any of these or hears about any others, let me know!

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