Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Lamp Advice

We were at a real shortage for lamps when we moved into this house. Not all the rooms have an overhead light. Only two of the four upstairs bedrooms have a light in the ceiling. The others have a switch that controls an outlet.

My oldest boy really needed a lamp because he was in a bedroom without a light. He'd have to turn on the hall light in order to see in his room at night.

I finally went to Goodwill on a mission to find a cheap lamp for him. I have also wanted a set of lamps for my bedroom to go on our matching nightstands. I found these that I thought were interesting.

They were $3 each.
I also found a $3 lamp for my son but didn't take a picture of that because it was boring.

My first inclination was that I would spray paint the lamps a bright color. I like the gold but I think our room needs a little color added.

I needed shades so I went to Walmart and got the best looking for the least amount of money. They are a woven shade in a light tan color. The gold base and tan color do not get along. I'm also not sure of the shape of the shade with the skinny lamp body.

And I'm starting to like the gold of the lamps.

I haven't taken the wrappers off the shades yet. What do you think? Should I spray paint the lamps? Maybe one of the blue colors from my bedspread?

Or should I return the shades and look for something else and keep the gold?

My nightstands are a beat up garage sale find. I planned on painting them at some point. Maybe I could bring in color with those.

I need your advice.

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