Monday, August 27, 2012

Restore & News

The Restore is one of my favorite places to go. (just behind Goodwill & Salvation Army!)

We made a trip there this weekend. It was me and two boys. Scott had the other two boys with him at travel baseball tryouts.

I was casually looking through the menagerie of things when I happened upon this-

A whole kitchen for $600. It also came with this-

A gently used double wall oven included in the price. (I've been shopping for wall ovens for our new house)
It also had a desk area and this glass door cabinet-

A worker came by and found me drooling over the cabinets and said he would take $450 for all of it. I calmly said okay while almost internally combusting!
I went home and called my hubby and told him all about it. As soon as he got home we went back to measure and probably purchase the white kitchen.....

We were informed it had been sold five minutes before we arrived..... Major bummer.
It wasn't meant to be apparently.

I also really liked this sofa. But didn't buy it.

In other very exciting news-
We have a date that we can move in!
NOVEMBER 15!!!!!!!!

Exciting right?! But the problem is, that's a very busy time for us and we won't actually be able to do anything until the beginning of December.

But....~we'll be home for can count on that..... :)

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  1. This post perfectly disguised your anger about the kitchen! :)
    Sorry you couldn't get it. :(