Friday, August 31, 2012

Old Bike Made New

We found a garage sale in our neighborhood last week. They didn't have much that appealed to me (small chairs or vintage anything) but they did have some older bikes. My two middle boys are getting a little too big for the bikes they have.

Noah was the one most interested. He found one in decent shape but it was marked at $20. Without even asking the lady said she would take $10. I agreed and we brought it home.

The problem- it kinda had a little bit of pink on it. Once Noah figured this out- we had to paint it. He wasn't going to be happy until we did.

It had a lot of rust too. So, first we sanded it down some and then wiped off the dust with a wet rag.
Then I used black spray paint and sprayed with light even coats.

Then I used painters tape to add some other colors to it. He was determined it would be black, blue, and white.

While spraying it was difficult not to get it on other parts of the bike.
I will definitely have to touch up a few spots with the black. But Noah thinks it looks great and that's all that matters.

Spray paint is an amazing fix for so many things!

Enjoy the holiday weekend!

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