Wednesday, August 29, 2012

I Have Movie Stars

My hubby recently got an email from a fellow coach from this area. He was in need of some Little League baseball players to help shoot a commercial. It was for Metro Health and would basically be background footage that played while hearing an inspirational story of some kind.

My boys were excited (except for kiddo #3, of course) and willing to help out. JJ would have loved to help if he was old enough. We were instructed on what they should wear and bring. This commercial shoot occurred on a weekday, so naturally I was responsible to round everyone up and get them there.

There was only six boys total (including my two) that showed up. They said that was plenty and proceeded to film them doing various baseball drills.

Here are some photos I decided to take last minute-






The hardest part was when the cameramen asked all the boys to sit on the bench and cheer as if something exciting just happened. This shot took quite a few tries. I told my younger boys to run around the bases so they would have someone to look at and actually cheer on. This worked a little better.

I have no idea when it will start playing or what channel it will be on. But they did take down our email addresses and said they would send a clip when it was finished. Exciting, huh? I’ll post it when I get it.

I got a little video of Cole doing a short part they needed and asked for a volunteer for.

If you happen to see it on TV- let me know!

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