Thursday, August 23, 2012

DIY Bench/Table

I am feeling much better. It is amazing how much improving your diet can affect the length of your cold.
I was busy yesterday because I actually had energy to do things. I don't know if anyone noticed but I forgot to post to my blog yesterday morning. It didn't happen until I was going to bed! I doubt anyone was waiting for it but I almost ruined my perfect run of posting every weekday.

Anyhoo- I started a project before I got sick. I got close to completion when my body quit on me.

If you haven't heard of Ana White, google her. She has an amazing site with completely free building plans. That is where I got the plans for my project. (I would put a link on here but I'm on my phone and not quite sure how to do that from here)

I've heard and read great things about the Kreg Jig. I have wanted one for quite some time. So I used some of my birthday money and bought one.

The Kreg Jig was very helpful in getting my project done faster and better. The plans were for a farmhouse bench. But I modified them some to make it wider and taller. I also cut the length down by about a foot. These changes were so that the bench can be sat on but it can also be used as a table for little ones.
This is where I started-

Here is the Kreg Jig-

It makes slanted holes like this-

And this is just before painting it-

It's definitely not perfect, but not bad for my first time using a new tool.
I was in the middle of painting it when I got sick. I will post some final pictures once I'm done.

Have any of you used Ana's site to build anything? If so- let me know! I'd love to hear!

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