Monday, August 13, 2012

Michigan’s Adventure Tips

We went to Michigan’s Adventure yesterday. Here are some tips I have learned after our many trips there. This is what works for us.


- Try to go on a weekday. We break this rule every year because some can’t go during the week. It is usually less busy on a weekday than the weekend.

- The park opens at 11am. A pretty big line forms the hour before they open. Either get there really early….or wait until after 12 on the really busy days.

- There is a car lot off of the Whitehall exit. Carpool and save on the parking fee. ($10)

- Get a big bag to pack all of your stuff. I use a 31 Gifts bag like this


or you could use this one-


or something similar.

- I pack a light lunch with snacks and bottled water in an insulated bag on the bottom of the big bag. I pack sandwiches, apples, cheese sticks, beef jerky, fruit snacks, granola bars, and nuts. A small ice pack will keep it cool. This really helps to cut down on costs. I put my clothes and towels on top and they never know.


- The water park opens at noon. People line up around the entrance and run to get good spots. I have been known to do this. Prime real estate is in the kid’s area under a shady mushroom. Run or do a fast-walk (the lifeguards yell not to run) to your spot and spread out some towels on a few loungers and chairs. It is not for the faint of heart.

- We try to hit some of the kiddie rides in the regular park before the water park opens. And then again after we are tired of the water.


- We do not get a locker. But we come with a large group and there is usually always someone sitting with our stuff. I don’t bring in my purse. Only my phone and some cash.  I try not to bring in too many valuables. A wrist wallet would help to keep your money with you and less to worry about if you do leave your bag unattended. I bury my phone in my clothes.

- The water park is our main objective when it is hot. We grease up our kids with sunscreen before leaving home and have them in their suits. Then I only pack a pair of underwear and shorts for each of them to change into afterwards. Bring a plastic bag for wet things.


- Use the snacks sparingly to hold off getting supper until you are out of the park. This works unless you are staying until closing which can be 9 or 10pm. With really young ones this usually doesn’t happen.


- I always have shredded big toes at the day’s end. I think this is from the wave pool, mostly. It is painful. I plan to wrap my big toes with athletic tape and see how this helps next year. It happens to my 3 year old too. Water shoes would help also but you can’t go down many of the rides wearing water shoes.


- A stroller can do multiple tasks. Even a simple umbrella stroller. It can hold tired kids. (sometimes they stack on each other’s laps in the stroller). It can hold your bag on the handles. It can even hold your place in a line or by the seating area. It’s worth it to bring one.


That’s about it.

It’s so much fun, but it sure does tire you out. We were barely on the highway before two of our kids were completely knocked out. We usually hit some sort of restaurant on the way home.


I hope this information was helpful to someone. We love Michigan’s Adventure and hope you do too!

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