Thursday, December 12, 2013

Window Chalkboard

I was tired of looking at the blank wall in my dining room. I've had an old window for quite some time. It was given to me by a friend that knows I like that kind of stuff. So, I thought, why not make it into a chalkboard?

I've been loving the different chalkboards around the blogosphere that display Christmas quotes or songs or verses.
So I went to the store and bought some chalkboard spray paint. I decided it would be fun for it to be magnetic too. So I purchased some magnetic primer. I also needed the plywood to insert in my window. I was glad to find they sell it in a small section at Menards since I didn't need much.

 I put on three coats of the magnetic primer. But when it was all dry, I was very disappointed to find it was not very magnetic. A lightweight magnet would stay put. But anything heavier and it would slide right off. I gave up. I guess it will just be a chalkboard and not magnetic at all.

Once it was primed I spray painted it with chalkboard paint down in my basement furnace room. It was too cold out in the garage.
Then I cut the board to fit in the open window and secured it using some mirror clips I had on hand.

To hang it on the wall I used this system. I love it. It comes with a little level and can hold up to 100 lbs. One strip goes on the wall and one goes on what you are hanging up.

Any new chalkboard surface needs to be completely covered in chalk before writing on it. Then erase it and it's ready to go!

I got a chalkboard idea off of Pinterest and copied it.
I also made a snowball chain with some white yarn to help decorate it.
I want to do something on the right side where the wood is. I'd like to make something that can hold the Christmas cards that come in the mail. Maybe I can construct something with wire and tack it up. And then in the warmer months put something else there.

Anyone have any ideas for it?

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