Wednesday, December 4, 2013

O Christmas Tree

It is up.
We got a great deal with great service at Prince Tree Farms in Zeeland.

We wanted to cut it down ourselves. We went to get it at 6pm in the rain and darkness. I think the guy helping us thought we were a little crazy. But we brought a saw and a flashlight. It actually came down really quick. The hardest part was navigating our way there and back with six people and only one flashlight.

I've had an old washtub for a while. I took it from dad's house some time ago. I've thought about using it in my landscaping outside somehow. But now I have found it's true purpose.

I've seen some really cute pictures of Christmas trees standing in a tin wash bin. I am really liking the look. The wash tub is on a tablecloth that I started making ages ago and never finished. I'm not sure it's quite right but it will do for now.

I started playing around with my settings on my camera to get that pretty Christmas glow that you find on places like Pinterest.

Poor kid. My oldest was trying to do his homework while I was playing around with the lights.

Then I decided to do a family picture with the glowing tree concept.

Meh. It turned out okay but it's not my favorite.

Our tree turned out pretty good. My hubby blew up my favorite strand of lights last year. I'm really missing them this year. They were the big fat clear bulbs. I can't find them anywhere. If anyone sees some will you let me know where to get them.

 I want to start making my way to a more natural, rustic Christmas tree. I have some pine cone ornaments and that is a start. But I'd love to add some burlap and twine.
I think I may try to make these.

But not with the glitter necessarily.

My tree hasn't changed much since I first got married but my style certainly has. I'd like to change that.

Have you got your tree up? Do you keep it the same every year? Does your tree match your style or design sense?

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