Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Valspar Perfect Storm

I got a coupon in my magazine for free paint from Lowes.

The paint is for eight ounces from Valspar's Fall Color Palette.

I went to Lowes looking for a few things and to pick up my free paint. I was going to go with white because I could always use it for something. But instead I found a beautiful color.

It's called Perfect Storm. And it is perfect.

I wanted to see it used on something so I could get a better look. I spray painted some second-hand lamps a while back. They were a butter yellow and I've never been very fond of them. So I decided to try the paint on them.

I like how it turned out. It's a little matte for a lamp, but I can topcoat it with a clear protective coat to make it shiny if necessary.
 I am loving it! I think I found the color I am going to paint my kitchen cabinets!
Now to paint the other lamp.

If you have a coupon or want to find one- they are good until December 31.
(I have another one....shhhhhh!)

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