Friday, December 13, 2013

Today's Obsession

Here are pictures of my scarf that I promised. It is keeping my nice and warm in this chilly weather we've been having!

This was our basement back in April of this year. Most of our belongings were soaked in three inches of water. I blogged about it here.

I also shared pictures of what it looked like after it dried out. It was still a disaster and a very long road to get it all cleaned up. This summer I worked on the basement some and tried to get rid of most of the boxes.

But there still were a few. It has been a nagging annoyance to me ever since.

So that is what I worked on today. I was determined to get it all organized and put up our ping-pong table. Well.....I didn't get that far but I am a lot closer. So that is my project for this weekend. One of them. I hope to have it put together as a fun, usable space for us to work out in and the boys to play in.

Pictures coming soon.

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Angie- We have a lot in common, except our age of course. I have been looking at patterns all week to crochet a cowl scarf. I finally moved my unfinished projects from summer to the basement, after laying out a huge tarp (even did a little spray painting). And I desperately want to figure out a place to put up our ping pong table. I hope you are getting a lot done this weekend. Arliss